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Related concepts

accompanying information
information accompanying or marked on a health IT product or accessory for the user or those accountable for the installation, use, processing, maintenance, decommissioning and disposal of the medical device or accessory, particularly regarding safe use
physical or digital entity that has value to an individual, an organization or a government
cloud computing
paradigm for enabling network access to a scalable and elastic pool of shareable physical or virtual resources with self-service provisioning and administration on-demand
cloud service
one or more capabilities offered via cloud computing invoked using a defined interface
collection of system resources that (a) forms a physical or logical part of the system, (b) has specified functions and interfaces, and (c) is treated (e.g., by policies or specifications) as existing independently of other parts of the system.
health information technology
documented and intended application of information technology that is intended to be applied for the collection, storage, processing, retrieval, and communication of information relevant to health, patient care, and well-being
health IT infrastructure
combined set of IT assets available to the individual or organization for developing, configuring, integrating, maintaining, and using IT services and supporting health, patient care and other organizational objectives
health IT system
combination of interacting health IT elements that is configured and implemented to support and enable an individual or organization’s specific health objectives
health software
software intended to be used specifically for managing, maintaining, or improving health of individual persons, or the delivery of care, or which has been developed for the purpose of being incorporated into a medical device
health software product
ability of two or more systems or components to exchange information and to use the information that has been exchanged
a system or systems composed of communicating nodes and transmission links to provide physically linked or wireless transmission between two or more specified communication nodes
life cycle
series of all phases in the life of a product or system, from the initial conception to final decommissioning and disposal
medical device
instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, appliance, implant, reagent for in vitro use, software, material or other similar or related article, intended by the manufacturer to be used, alone or in combination, for human beings, for one of more of the specific medical purpose(s) of — diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease, — diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, alleviation of or compensation for an injury, — investigation, replacement, modification, or support of the anatomy or of a physiological process, — supporting or sustaining life, — control of conception, — cleaning, disinfection, or sterilization of medical devices, — providing information by means of in vitro examination of specimens derived from the human body, and which does not achieve its primary intended action by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means, in or on the human body, but which may be assisted in its function by such means
personal health information
information about an identifiable person that relates to the physical or mental health of the individual
output of an organization that can be produced without any transaction taking place between the organization and the customer
sociotechnical ecosystem
complex ‘ecosystem’ or ‘sociotechnical system’ environment where the software is tightly integrated with other systems, technologies, infrastructure, and domains (people, organizations and external environments) and where it is configured to support local clinical and business processes
combination of interacting elements organized to achieve one or more stated purposes

Diagrammatic representations

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