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combined set of IT assets available to the individual or organization for developing, configuring, integrating, maintaining, and using IT services and supporting health, patient care and other organizational objectives


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: health IT infrastructure; 
Plural: health IT infrastructures; 



As per the definition for asset this can include the following:

a) data and information;

b) health software;

c) medical devices;

d) externally provided resources such as data centres, networks, and software-as-a-service and cloud solutions;

e) people, and their qualifications, skills and experience;

f) technical procedures and documentation to manage and support the health IT infrastructure;

g) health IT systems that are configured and implemented to address organizational objectives by leveraging the above assets;

h) intangibles, such as reputation and image.

i) services, including security, software development, IT operations and externally provided services such as data centres, internet and software-as-a-service and cloud computing;

Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph - health IT infrastructure

Required associations

Optional associations

a number of health IT infrastructures comprises one or more assets
a number of change-release management manages changes to a number of health IT infrastructures


health IT infrastructure


health IT infrastructure