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About this site

This site is a web representation of a UML model drawing on the concepts described in the draft ISO/IEC standard 81001-1. That draft standard provides foundational principles, concepts, and terms for safety, effectiveness and security in the the design, development, implementation and use of health software and health IT systems.

You can find out more about the model on the background page. There is also a guide to navigating and using this site.

Persistent resolvable identifiers

The links to the definitions from the System of Concepts for the Continuity of Care available through this site are persistent resolvable HTTP URLs which may be used as concept identifiers. They are in the form https://81001.org/concept/conceptname

Computer representations of this model

The full model

A representation of the full model in Resource Description Framework using the SKOS terms expressed the following serialisations:

Individual concepts

Each concept is available in RDF using the SKOS terms expressed in XML at https://81001.org/concept/conceptname/rdf.

Known issues

This visualisation of the model re-presents the formal association between concepts in a readable form. The representation is currently incorrectly handling the plural forms of some concept names and the verbs describing the nature of the association between concepts.

Any association classes are incorrectly drawn.


The following components are used in this website:

Published on Sunday, October 27, 2019 by Nicholas O