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Related concepts

role responsible for the ongoing operation of the implemented health IT system and ensuring it is safeguarded and maintained on an ongoing basis
person or organization that could or does receive a product or a service that is intended for or required by this person or organization
role responsible for execution of the design and development phase (from concept to release and maintenance) of a health software or health IT system
healthcare delivery organization
facility or enterprise such as a clinic or hospital that provides healthcare services
role responsible for the clinical installation, workflow optimization, and training of health software and health IT systems in the clinical setting
role responsible for the incorporation of components into the health IT infrastructure used by the healthcare delivery organization, including technical installation, configuration, and data migration
organization with responsibility for design or manufacture of a product
person or group of people that has its own functions with responsibilities, authorities and relationships to achieve its objectives
responsibility agreement
document that fully defines the responsibilities of all relevant stakeholders
function or position
subject of care
person who seeks to receive, is receiving, or has received healthcare
system owner
senior executive accountable for ensuring the health IT system being acquired and implemented will meet their organization’s healthcare delivery services needs for its intended use
top management
Group of people who direct and control an organization and have overall accountability in an organization.
person using the system for a health-related purpose

Diagrammatic representations

Simple graph Roles and Responsibilities