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Types of device

You can read the model on different types of device, from small smart phones to tablets, laptops and larger screen devices such as a desk top computer or “smart TV”. On a small screen, the menu bar will collapse but all the functionality is still available, however the site will try to use the full screen. On larger screens, there is an option to either focus the content in the middle of the screen or occupy the full width by clicking the Screen menu item. The default is to focus on the middle of the screen.


When printing, the menus are hidden so you can focus on the main content.

The model

There are three ways to find details about modelled concepts.

  1. If you know the name of the concept, you can search for the item using the Search box on the menu. On small screens, a search icon replaces the search box.
  2. You can browse through the different areas of the model listed in the Topics menu
  3. You can browse through a list of all the concepts in the model (including any alternative names for them) using the All Concepts menu.

Information pages

There are a wide variety of information pages available on the Help menu, including this page.


Log in to contribute

You can either register to contribute or simply log in using one of our approved third party authentication services. We support Google, Microsoft Accounts, Office 365 Accounts and Twitter. We ask the third party for basic information when you first log in. We do not receive or store passwords from third party authentication services.

Registering to contribute

You can register to contribute using the Register menu item. You will need to provide a valid e-mail address and choose a password. Your password will be stored as a hash. We do not have access to the password you choose.

Editing supporting information

Once logged in you can edit supporting information pages. You may also be able to edit the model items directly depending on the authority you are assigned. In future we may to allow registered users to comment on pages including the concept model items.

Published on Sunday, October 27, 2019 by Nicholas O