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reasoned, auditable artefact created that supports the contention that its top-level claim (or set of claims), is satisfied, including systematic argumentation and its underlying evidence and explicit assumptions that support the claim(s)


This is a concrete item and can be implemented directly

Term: assurance case; 
Plural: assurance cases; 


Note 1 to entry: An assurance case contains the following and their relationships:

— one or more claims about properties;

— arguments that logically link the evidence and any assumptions to the claim(s);

— a body of evidence and possibly assumptions supporting these arguments for the claim(s); and

— justification of the choice of top-level claim and the method of reasoning.


Diagrammatic representation

Simple graph - assurance case

Required associations

Optional associations

a number of assurance cases evidences safety of one or more products
a number of assurance cases evidences security of one or more products
a number of risk management files provide evidence for a number of assurance cases


assurance case


assurance case