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Known issues

  • Association classes are incorrectly drawn in UML and GraphViz diagrams
  • Topic menu can lead to nonexistent content if unpublished standards are suppressed
  • Top menu wrap on medium sized screens
  • GraphViz diagrams don't show tooltips in Internet Explorer or old Edge (chomium version of Edge is fine)..
    Suggested workaround is to use a chromium based browser to show concept definitions in tooltips

Release history

Release Features
2020-05-10 Added capability to download GraphViz diagrams as EPS, SVG or DOT graphs
2020-05-04 Model updated to match candidate Final Draft Information Standard ISO 81001
Improved facilities for editing the model, especially removing concepts and relationships
Improved default diagram generation fixing bug in adding subtypes
2020-04-11 Fixed a bug calling the dotnetrdf libraries;
Improved SKOS availability
Added embedded json-ld to concept pages
2019-11-08 Enhanced tooltips on top menu, topic menu and breadcrumbs.
2019-11-06 Enhanced tooltip presentation on body text
New display of text pages with menu of related pages on left
2019-10-27 Capability for registered users to supply their name and a pseudonym for published articles / comments
Display of pseudonym on articles
2019-10-21 Fix for css on list of all concepts to avoid the text exceeding the screen width; Switched top navigation menu and footer to take up full width of the screen. New capability for blog style pages.
2019-10-16 Anchors on headings in pages from Markdown through MarkDig content processing
Side menu for headings on Markdown pages
2019-10-14 Menu editor developed
Screen navigation menu option to toggle the screen into max width mode (Bootstrap float) and back to standard
2019-10-10 Topics in draft standards added to topic menu
Article markdown content processing estended to include ExtraEmphasis, Generic Attributes, CustomContainers, SmartyPants, Pipe Tables and Grid Tables. See MarkDig for more details
2019-10-09 Added simple GraphViz generated diagrams to the packages pages
Added links to package page titles where no package has been selected

Planned features

  • Amend the SimpleMDE Markdown editor to support the additional capabilities available in the MarkDig publishing component.
  • Add page editor capability to view version history and replace current published pages with previous versions.
  • Add functionality to edit alternative terms in the concept editor.

Published on Sunday, May 10, 2020 by Nicholas O